One of the UK's fastest growing gym chains, Xercise4Less prides itself on providing the opportunity to affordably exercise in a judgement-free, non-intimidating environment.

It's an offering that has seen members flock from other gyms to take advantage of their competitive prices, while also giving non-users one less excuse for not joining up.

The challenge

With over 300,000 active members, plus new ones joining daily, Xercise4Less' email marketing was quickly becoming complicated and confusing. In order to target their members and non-members in a more effective way, they needed a clearer understanding of their key customer journeys and touch points. They would also need to find a way to get their many disparate databases talking to each other. No sweat.

Systems and services

Utilising our data insight skills we undertook a data mapping exercise with the client to identify what data was required to drive which automation, for example ‘new class’ emails versus ‘we've missed you’ emails. Working with the client's data controllers, we then integrated various REST API and SQL data feeds into our internal client database before using dotmailer to drive the campaigns.


Using our proven data integration approach we quickly got each of the client's four databases on speaking terms. This enabled us to help the client remove all the unhealthy spam from their marketing and instead create automated and highly targeted email campaigns that instantly clicked with members. Transparent reporting was also now possible, allowing the client to constantly review and re-energise their approach.

automated campaigns per month

records from four systems

sent in the last 12 months

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