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Outbound telemarketing

It's fair to say, outbound telemarketing doesn't have the best reputation at the moment thanks to pushy PPI people and car crash nuisance callers. However, when carried out with honesty, transparency and a healthy dose of warmth we firmly believe it remains one of the most valuable tools for boosting business.

The ZeroOne difference

First and foremost, we don't look or sound like a contact centre. You won't find endless rows of soulless cubicles, just a friendly bunch of trained professionals who love getting paid to talk for a living. Who understand the most effective way to boost lead generation, conduct customer research and cleanse data is through considered conversation, not fast talk.

Our client approach is refreshingly simple. Before we speak, we listen. It's only by really getting under the skin of our clients that we're able to create a detailed plan of action with a clear set of deliverables. By fully understanding their needs we’re also able to put our in-house software developers to work, creating custom calling systems that follow best-practice and provide absolute transparency at all times.

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Email Marketing Email marketing

Traceable, shareable and affordable. Take advantage of our data driven and best-practice approach.

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Targeted Calling Inbound enquiry handling

Don't let a missed call become a missed opportunity. Give our friendly contact centre advisors a bell.

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While we're hardworking, we promise we're never hard work. If that sounds like a good fit, drop us a line.

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