Don’t let missed calls,
become missed

Inbound enquiry handling

In a world that's always on, barely a second passes without a phone ringing or inbox dinging. It's why many businesses require external support to effectively and efficiently respond to inbound enquiries, because a missed call is often a missed opportunity. That's where we come in.

The ZeroOne difference

We understand that responding to enquiries can be time consuming. Not to mention highly disruptive to the work day. After all, every call answered and email sent is precious time spent away from focusing on core business needs. That's why our friendly contact centre advisors are always on hand to deal with your inbound enquiries with consistency and efficiency.

More importantly, they'll do so in a way that directly suits your business. How? By really interrogating your unique requirements and identifying new opportunities at every turn. And because we're passionate about data, we can also develop dedicated data capture systems to ensure all your enquiries and outcomes are recorded with military precision to provide measurable results.

Killer data

average inbound call answered in 5 seconds

98% satisfaction rate

new enquiry lines set up within 48 hours

Who we’ve helped
Heatrae Sadia
The Telegraph
Email Marketing Email marketing

Traceable, shareable and affordable. Take advantage of our data driven and best-practice approach.

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Targeted Calling Outbound telemarketing

Boost your leads, cleanse your data and carry out research through considered conversation.

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While we're hardworking, we promise we're never hard work. If that sounds like a good fit, drop us a line.

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