Making your data
fit together

Data integration

Data isn't simply essential, it's everywhere. Which means it's rarely ever collected, stored and processed in one place. That's why data integration is so invaluable. But what does that term really mean? In the simplest terms possible, data integration successfully combines data from multiple sources that doesn't naturally fit together (a virtual square peg, round hole predicament). In doing so, the data becomes more meaningful and in turn valuable. Win-win.

The ZeroOne difference

First and foremost, it's important to understand we’re not a software house that will build you an integrated database. Instead we'll use our data insight and expertise to integrate your different data sources into our own services to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing solutions.

As with all our services, we never adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Nor do we expect you to be data experts yourself. Instead we'll speak to you in depth to identify your personal marketing requirements, before liaising with your other agencies and departments to get the most effective integration processes in place. Once we have this in place, we'll merge the data so it can drive your marketing.

Who we’ve helped
Marketing Automation Marketing automation

Let technology make your life easier by implementing automated marketing campaigns.

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Targeted Calling Email marketing

Traceable, shareable and affordable. Take advantage of our data driven and best-practice approach.

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Reporting Inbound enquiry handling

Don't let a missed call become a missed opportunity. Give our friendly contact centre advisors a bell.

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