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Data insight

Stylish art direction. Punny headlines. Compelling offers. You'd be forgiven for thinking that's what makes or breaks a direct marketing campaign. However, more often than not it's the quality of the data behind the scenes that makes it a success. Because only by understanding precisely who to target, when to target and how to target can you be sure your campaign will hit the mark.

The ZeroOne difference

At ZeroOne we truly understand data. After all, it's what's driven our own success for 20 years. We know to analyse it. Cleanse it. Even cull it. And we understand how to make it work for your unique business by making the most of every engagement point you have with your customers.

Our data insight team are experts in helping you identify trends, profile new customers and maximise your reach by minimising waste. They’re also not afraid to ask tricky questions and dig deep into your data to identify any bad habits or missed opportunities. For example, why send 50,000 letters if 5,000 emails could have a much greater impact? Common sense really, which is something else we specialise in.

Killer data

of goneaways from mailing campaigns

customers data-profiled for a single client

with greater ROI for one client

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Email Marketing Data integration

Using our insight and expertise we'll add meaning and value to your data by intelligently bringing it together.

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Let technology make your life easier by implementing automated marketing campaigns.

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