Taking the complexity
out of GDPR and

Data compliance

We're sure like us you were bombarded with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) emails when it came into force in May 2018. And that you keep hearing about more legislation coming into effect such as the ePrivacy Regulation (ePR). While the inbox attacks are undoubtedly annoying, we're big supporters of these regulations at ZeroOne. Why? Because they put greater emphasis on data collection best practice, consumer choice and data transparency, as well as enabling businesses to make the most of the Digital Single Market.

The ZeroOne difference

In addition to helping your marketing achieve killer cut through, we'll ensure you're always doing so in a way that won't leave you falling foul of marketing legislation. After all, with fines of up to €20m for not complying with GDPR there really isn't any room for error.

We're always schooling up all the latest regulations, from the way they affect key personnel to the day-to-day implications for your business. So if you want to know what's happening with GDPR, ePR or the latest developments with the Mailing and Telephone Preference Services you only need to ask. And as members of the Direct Marketing Association we're already perfectly poised to ensure our own policies and processes go above and beyond the legal requirements.

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